Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

Faculty Members

# Emeritus Professor
1 Name: Sana BuHamra
Email: sana.buhamra@ku.edu.kw
Research Interest: Environmental statistics, Risk Assessment, Small sample area estimation, App-lied statistical modeling; Nonparametric Inference; Modeling and Simulation; Sur-vey design and analysis.

# Professor
1 Name: Kassem Saleh
Phone: 24633160
Email: kassem.saleh@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1017
Research Interest: software engineering, distributed systems, programming languages, information security, project management, risk and quality engineering, business analysis.
2 Name: Paul Manuel
Phone: 24633153
Email: p.manuel@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1014
Research Interest: Graph Algorithms, Enterprise Computing, Cheminformatics.

# Associate Professor
1 Name: Dari Alhuwail
Phone: 24633214
Email: dari.alhuwail@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1036
Research Interest: Health Informatics and Digital Health, Information Systems Adoption, Development, and Evaluation, Cybersecurity, Geographical Information Systems.
2 Name: Hanady Abdulsalam
Phone: 24633213
Email: hanady.abdulsalam@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1002
Research Interest: Data streams, Data mining, Data gathering in WSN, and scheduling algorithms.
3 Name: Helal AlHammadi
Phone: 24633113
Email: helal.alhamadi@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1004
Research Interest: Fuzzy Logic, Power Quality, Mobile Adhoc Networks.
4 Name: Kalim Qureshi
Phone: 24633374
Email: kalimuddin.qureshi@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030A1035
Research Interest: Distributed computing, performance measurement of systems, Medical Imaging and IS development.
5 Name: Zainab AlJazzaf
Phone: 24633095 - 24633223
Email: dr.zainab@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1025 - S030A1040
Research Interest: Web Services, Quality of Services, Service-Oriented Architecture, Trust, Cloud Computing, E-governance, E-Learning.
6 Name: Zainab AlMeraj
Phone: 24633714
Email: z.almeraj@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1005
Research Interest: Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Usability and Accessiblity of web and mobile technologies, Assistive technologies.

# Assistant Professor
1 Name: Abdullah AlMutairi
Phone: 24633275
Email: abdullah.almutairi@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1018
Research Interest: Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Computer Vision.
2 Name: Aseel AlMonaies
Phone: 24633265
Email: asil.almonaies@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1002
Research Interest: Web application migration, Web Services, Service-oriented architecture and Security.
3 Name: Bader Ali
Email: bader.ali@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1001
Research Interest: Large Scale distributed systems, Social networking inspired trusted network systems, Digital Rights management, Digital identity management.
4 Name: Bader Alkhazi
Phone: 24633371
Email: bader.alkhazi@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1021
Research Interest: Software quality & testing, Educational Technologies, E-government, Mobile computing, Game design, Cyber security.
5 Name: Eiman AlShammari
Phone: 24633236
Email: dr.eiman@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1014
Research Interest: Data Mining, IT applications (Educational/Environmental).
6 Name: Fatemah Husain
Phone: 24633262
Email: f.husain@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1008
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Data Science.
7 Name: Fatima Boujarwah
Phone: 24633177
Email: f.boujarwah@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1007
Research Interest: Health Informatics (especially for Women’s and infant's health), Telehealth, Human Computer Interaction, User Experience, Crowdsourcing, Assistive Technologies, Educational Technologies, Elearning.
8 Name: Loulwah AlSumait
Phone: 24633086
Email: loulwah.alsumait@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1010
Research Interest: Data mining, Deep learning, Text mining, Pattern Recognition, Topic modeling.
9 Name: Omar AlIbrahim
Phone: 24633269
Email: omar.alibrahim@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1022
Research Interest: Embedded systems security, web application security, reverse engineering, malware analysis.
10 Name: Ranya AlAwadhi
Phone: 24633264
Email: ranya.alawadhi@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1001
Research Interest: Information, computer, and network security, Fault-tolerant computing.
11 Name: Safaa Zaman
Phone: 24633311
Email: s.3zaman@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1011
Research Interest: Intrusion Detection Systems.
12 Name: Shaikha AlDuaij
Phone: 24633373
Email: alduaij.shaikhaesam@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1003
Research Interest: Data Mining, Cyber Security, Health Informatics.
13 Name: Shaikhah Alkhadhr
Phone: 24633364
Email: s.alkhadhr@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1007
Research Interest: Deep Learning and Physics-informed Neural Networks, Therapeutic and Imaging Information Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Information Security and Privacy.
14 Name: Zahraa Marafie
Phone: 24633609
Email: zahraa.marafie@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1003
Research Interest: Internet-of-Things, Edge Intelligence, Service-Oriented Computing, and Real-Time Systems.