Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

Department Chair

Today, it is widely acknowledged that investing in information systems and communication technologies infrastructure is necessary for achieving a nations' sustainable development goals. Here at the Information Science Department, our faculty are committed to maintaining high-level research and teaching which has made our program receive global recognition. The Information Science program equips the students with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to excel in their careers.

Our faculty members are engaged in meaningful and state-of-the-art research that contributes towards science and society in various multi-disciplinary areas such as Health Informatics, Cybersecurity, Big Data/Data Science, Software Engineering, Human-Centered Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

You can view more of our research projects here.

Student Outlook: Through our Information Systems-focused curricula, students gain hands-on experience in building and developing computing information systems, investigate the societal impact of information systems, keep humans in the center of computing, and deal with real and imminent challenges facing society. With the help of our faculty members, our students study, design, develop and evaluate information systems and technologies to address the needs of a broad range of individuals and organizations.

Student Graduation: Over the years, our undergraduate graduate students continue to purse careers in industry, government, and academia, while others are purse graduate studies at the Master’s and PhD levels in Kuwait and aborad. We are proud of our graduates as major contributors towards Kuwait’s Vision 2035.


Dr. Zainab Aljazzaf,
Acting Department Chair Department of Information Science,
College of Life Sciences
Kuwait University

Email: dr.zainab@ku.edu.kw

Telephone: 24633095
Office: S-03-0B-1025

Secretary: 24633096