Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

Administrative Staff

# Administrative Staff
1 Name: Ibrahim Abou Zeid
Phone: 24633096
Email: ibrahim.abouzeid@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030B1024
Job Title: Secretary
2 Name: Moneera Alali
Phone: 24633273
Email: moneerah.1@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1033
Job Title: Communication Supervisor Assistant
3 Name: Monya Aleidan
Phone: 24633193
Email: eng.monya@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1035
Job Title: Senior Computer Specialist Engineer
4 Name: Sarah Alkanderi
Phone: 24633604
Email: sara.sheref@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1009
Job Title: Senior Applied Systems Analyst
5 Name: Sarah Sadeq
Phone: 24633180
Email: sarah.sadeq@ku.edu.kw
Office: S030C1034
Job Title: Coordinator of administrative transactions