Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

Some Important Information

  1. The following grading scale is used for evaluation of student's performance:
  2. Percentage Range Letter Grade GPA
    95-100 A 4.00 point
    90-94 A- 3.67 point
    87-89 B+ 3.33 point
    83-86 B 3.00 point
    80-82 B- 2.67 point
    75-79 C+ 2.33 point
    70-74 C 2.00 point
    Less than 70% F zero point

  3. The study load of a full-time student ranges between (9-15) credits during each semester.
  4. The study load of a part-time student ranges between (6-9) credits during each semester. In exceptional cases a student may, with the approval of both the program director and the College of Graduate Studies (CGS), register for less than the specified workload.
  5. An employed applicant should submit from the place of work a signed notification of joining the program.
  6. A student's final grade can be deferred and a grade of "Incomplete" (I) can be given due to reasons acceptable by the course instructor and approved by the program director. The student has to complete these requirements during the time specified by the CGS, or his/her grade for the course changes to "Fail" (F).
  7. A student who studies a course that continues for more than one semester (under semester system), is given a grade of "Continuing Course" (CC). The final grade is recorded only in the last semester of the course. At the end of this semester, it is not allowed to postpone the award of final grade. The course credits (if any) shall be used in computing the student's study load only once.
  8. A student who has registered for the thesis, is given a grade of "Satisfactory" (S), or "Unsatisfactory" (U), as long as his/her research is ongoing. The final grade [P/F] is not given until after thesis examination.
  9. A student is given one chance to repeat up to a maximum of 2 courses which she/he had previously studied and obtained a grade of B or less. It should be noted that the repetition of a course does not lead to the cancellation of the previously obtained grade. An average of both grades is calculated (See article 18 item 10, CGS by-laws).
  10. A student, who is caught cheating or attempting to cheat or helping others to cheat in the exam, will be considered to have failed in all courses registered during the semester in which the cheating occurred.
  11. If cheating is repeated, the student is academically dismissed from the CGC and the dismissal is indicated in his/her academic record.
  12. If it is confirmed that a student has done anything that violates examination regulations, s/he will be considered to have failed the course for which the examination was taking place when the violation occurred.