Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

List of Forms

MSCIS student has to fill following forms at different stages as listed in below table. The required form can be download from college of graduate study URL (www.ku.edu.kw) or from ISC department URL (www.isc.ku.edu.kw) or from the MSCIS program director office.

The forms and their purpose
Non-Thesis Option Thesis Option
AC/1P Request to register for the Master’s project (Non-Thesis option) AC/1T Request for Master’s Thesis registration
AC/2P Project research proposal and budget (Non-Thesis option) AC/2T Thesis Research proposal and budget
AC/3 Change of Supervisory Committee and change study options in Master’s AC/4T Thesis Examination Committee
    AC/6T Thesis Examination date
    AC/7T Thesis Examination result
    AC/3FF Transfer of approved budget
    AC/8 For Distributing final bound thesis
    AC/10 Thesis Binding Allowance
AC/9 Submitting custody items