Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

Elective Course Requirement

MSCIS (Non-thesis Option): 6 CRs
MSCIS (Thesis Option): 3 CRs

List of Elective Courses *
Course No Course name Prerequisite
1731-514 Information Systems Strategy and Policy 1731-513
1731-516 Project and Change Management 1731-512
1731-517 Emerging Trends in Information System 1731-511
1731-533 Special Topics in Information System I 1731-511, 512, 513
1731-534 Special Topics in Information System II 1731-511, 512, 513
1731-540 Concepts in Information System Security 1731-511
1731-560 Advances in Information Systems Architecture and Design 1731-512
1731-570 Database Management Systems 1731-512
1731-580 Health Informatics 1731-513

* Students are allowed to take up to 6 credit hours (as part of the Elective Courses) from any 500 level courses offered by other departments at Kuwait University subject to the approval of the MSCIS Graduate Program Committee.