Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

Department of Information Science

Information systems, technology, and computing are among the largest and fastest-growing fields in the world. Today’s labor market demands qualified professionals to manage information systems, network, and software development projects.

The Department of Information Science offers a program that is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) under general computing. Since its inception, the Department of Information Science has a strong commitment to maintaining a quality program consistent with the overall mission of the University and the ever-changing demands of the profession through outcome-based learning programs based on the recommendations from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The department aims to provide a comprehensive and high-quality education graduates qualified professionals to capable of realizing the desire of Late His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait and his vision “Kuwait 2035” which relies on the knowledge-based economy as well as meet the needs of the labor market locally, regionally and globally.

The Department of Information Science is characterized by a highly qualified academic staff that aspire to qualify students to work in various areas of computing and information systems such as designing and managing databases, developing computer technologies and software, designing and developing information systems and networks, designing and developing network and information security methods and designing and developing websites on the Internet.

The Department of Information Science also has two graduate programs, the first in Computing Information Systems aimed at graduating highly professional students who are immersed in information systems and the latest developments in computing. The second Masters Program in Information Technology, which attracts those interested in developing computing skills for non-specialists in the field. The objectives of the Department of Information Science include:

  • Provide fundamental knowledge in information systems and technology through a strong foundation in programming, databases, information and communication technology, web development, information system design, information security, systems and networks, and technology project management.
  • Organize various lectures and seminars in the field of information systems and technology. Additionally, students are exposed to field visits and external professional training to provide opportunities to observe the methods and performance of others through exchanging experiences.
  • Create a dynamic academic environment that fosters creativity and innovation for students to develop their technical and leadership abilities to manage and develop new information system applications in a balanced mix of teaching, research, service and a high level of awareness about professional ethics and the global community.