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MSIT Comprehensive Exam Spring 2018-2019

MSIT Comprehensive Exam Spring 2018-2019:

MSIT 500 (1730500 Introduction to Information Technology)

Textbook: Ralph Stair and George Reynolds, Principles of Information Systems, 13th ed., 2018.
Reference Book: Information Technology: In Theory, Laura DeNardis and Pelin Aksoy, Published by Course Technology/Cengage Learning India, 2012.

  • All chapters are included.

MSIT 501 (1730501 Information Technology Infrastructures)

Textbook: Sjaak Laan, IT Infrastructure Architecture - Infrastructure Building Blocks and Concepts, 2nd ed., 2013

  • All chapters are included.

MSIT 502 (1730502 Information Technology Management)

Textbook: C. Brown, D. Dehayes, J. Hoffer, E. Wainright Martin, W. Perkins, Managing Information Technology, Prentice Hall 7th ed., 2012

  • All chapters are included.

The Exam Dates and Times:

Date Type Time Duration Venue
Monday, 18th February 2019 Written Exam 2:30 PM 40 min for MSIT 500
40 min for MSIT 501
40 min for MSIT 502
Classroom 230, Building# 1
Tuesday, 19th February 2019 Oral Exam 1:00 PM - Meeting Room 17, Building# 2