Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department
ABET Accredited in General Computing

Faculty Profile

Dr. Abdullah Al Mutairi
Research Interest: Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Computer Vision.

Prof. Anton Cerny
Research Interest: Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics on Words, Network Reliability.

Dr. Aseel Al Monaeis
Research Interest: Web application migration, Web Services, Service-oriented architecture and Security.

Dr. Bader Ali
Research Interest: Large Scale distributed systems, Social networking inspired trusted network systems, Digital Rights management, Digital identity management.

Dr. Dari Alhuwail
Research Interest: Health Informatics, Information Systems Adoption, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement, Systems Development, Information and Communication Technologies for Development, Systems Evaluation, Geographical Information Systems, GeoHealth.

Dr. Eiman T. Al Shammari
Research Interest: Data Mining, IT applications (Educational/Environmental).

Dr. Fatima Boujarwah
Research Interest: Human Computer Interaction, Crowdsourcing, Assistive Techno-logies, Educational Technologies, Autism and Technology.

Dr. Hanady Abdulsalam
Research Interest: Data streams, Data mining, Data gathering in WSN, and scheduling algorithms.

Dr. Helal Al-Hamadi
Research Interest: Fuzzy Logic, Power Quality, Mobile Adhoc Networks.

Prof. Jehad Al Dallal
Research Interest: Software testing, software refactoring, software analysis, and software metrics.

Dr. Kalim Qureshi
Research Interest: Distributed computing, performance measurement of systems, Medical Imaging and IS development.

Prof. Kassem Saleh, Program director
Research Interest: software engineering, distributed systems, programming languages, information security, project management, risk and quality engineering, business analysis.

Dr. Loulwah AlSumait
Research Interest: Data mining, Deep learning, Text mining, Pattern Recognition, Topic modeling.

Prof. Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
Research Interest: Information Systems Security, Cryptographic Algorithms and Structures, Parallel Processing / Algorithms, Computer Networks Optimi-zation, Design and Analysis of Reliable and Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems, Beyond-Binary Logic System Design & Analysis.

Prof. Muhammad Sarfraz
Research Interest: Intelligent Systems, Information Systems, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing.

Dr. Naelah Al-Dabbous
Research Interest: Wireless Communications, Adaptive Signal Processing, Sensor Networks and information system security.

Dr. Omar Al-Ibrahim
Research Interest: Embedded systems security, web application security, reverse engineering, malware analysis.

Prof. Paul Manuel
Research Interest: Graph Algorithms, Enterprise Computing, Cheminformatics.

Dr. Ranya Al Awadhi
Research Interest: Information, computer, and network security, Fault-tolerant computing.

Dr. Safaa Zaman
Research Interest: Intrusion Detection Systems.

Dr. Sana BuHamra
Research Interest: Environmental statistics, Risk Assessment, Small sample area estimation, App-lied statistical modeling; Nonparametric Inference; Modeling and Simulation; Sur-vey design and analysis.

Dr. Shaikha AlDuaij
Research Interest: Data Mining, Cyber Security, Health Informatics.

Dr. Zainab Al-Jazzaf
Research Interest: Web Services, Quality of Services, Service-Oriented Architecture, Trust, Cloud Computing, E-governance, E-Learning.

Dr. Zainab Al-Meraj
Research Interest: Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Usability and Accessiblity of web and mobile technologies, Assistive technologies.